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Specialist in oral surgery

Here you will find information about postgraduate training to become an oral surgery specialist.

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We are a center for the education to become a specialist for oral surgery

An oral surgeon is able to recognize and treat diseases of the teeth, mouth, jaw and covering soft tissues due to his further training. Continuing education to become an oral surgery specialist takes 3 years (full-time), during which time content from the specialties of anesthesiology, pharmacology, emergency management and practice structure/hygiene is learned.

In addition, a year of general dentistry must be completed prior to continuing education. Up to three years of continuing education may be completed in a surgical department of a dental, oral, and maxillofacial college, in an oral surgery department of a hospital, or at a comparable institution. The three-year postgraduate training can also be completed in the practice of an established specialist dentist in oral surgery or a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, provided that the practice is recognized as a postgraduate training center.

A list of which clinics and practices are authorized to provide further training is available from the relevant dental associations.